Dayton United Methodist Church
105 East Church Avenue
Dayton, Pa 16222
Front of DUMC
Church Office: (814) 257-8951

Parsonage: (814) 257-8823

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Our preschool is located in the Dayton United Methodist Church, 105 East Church St, Dayton, PA  16222.  We do not teach the Methodist religion to our students nor do we discriminate as to race, color or religion.  We are a Christian preschool and do celebrate Christian holidays. 
We accept children 3 - 6 years of age.

Goals and Objectives:

We offer a safe and loving environment for children to explore their world and develop friendships.  Each child will become more independent as he or she gains confidence in themselves. 
Children will learn listening, thinking and observation skills that will help them later in life and school.  Children will be exposed to a variety of experiences, including art, music, simple science and nature studies, children's literature, problem solving, mathematical concepts, and physical education.  There will be classroom visitors who will bring things of interest to share with the children and we will go out on field trips when we need to expand our walls. 
We focus on Kindergarten Readiness so when your child moves on to Kindergarten he will know what to expect and what is expected of him.  This makes the transition into a more formal learning environment so much easier for your child. 

Schedule and Attendance:

Our school hours are Morning 9:00 - 11:30 and *Afternoon 12:00 - 2:30 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  For the most part, our calendar coincides with the Armstrong School District schedule. 
We generally begin our school year one week later than the school district and finish in May.

*Afternoon classes are dependent upon number of children enrolled. 

Tuition is $70 per month per child.

For more information contact Tanya Bruno-Director at 814-257-0172 or by email